Every car owner is well aware that UV rays are harmful, but few people know why. This short article explains the concept of radiation, the effects on a car’s paintwork, and suggested solutions.


What is UV radiation?

UV radiation is, in other words, ultraviolet or simply ultraviolet radiation. It is electromagnetic radiation invisible to humans.

A large part of solar radiation is reflected and absorbed by layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, but some 50% still reaches us, providing mainly warmth and several other important aspects for life.

What affects car paint damage?

It turns out that the main factor damaging the varnish is exactly the same one that damages and ages our human skin. A side effect of UV radiation is a significant increase in temperature on the car’s paintwork.

Rapid temperature changes compress and expand the paint beams, which can lead to degradation. In addition, they change the shape of the paint coating, leading to cracks and fading. This is why the components are susceptible to corrosion and must be repainted.

How to protect the car against the effects of exposure to UV radiation?

There are several methods of keeping your car secure. The most popular of them are:

  • avoiding UV radiation,
  • ceramic coatings,
  • car waxes,
  • protective films,
  • nanotechnology.

Hydrophobic car paint impregnations have become a breakthrough in car care. They are so effective because they have the ability to penetrate the active particles deep into the varnish.

The silicon compounds penetrate the paint micropores and bind with them permanently. Thus, they effectively protect against the ingress of unwanted contaminants.

What are the benefits of nanotechnology for the car?

  • protection of the paint for many months against weather, salt and road pollution,
  • minimizing paint fading and fading – the so-called varnish coat oxidation,
  • bringing out the brilliance and depth of color from the varnished surface,
  • extending the life of the varnish,
  • no need to wash and wax the car frequently.

When deciding on a specific set of security for your car, it is worth using the advice of specialists in this area. The vast majority of experienced detailers will advise you quickly and professionally when choosing the right preparations.