Nanotechniq Lusso C3 is a reliable protection of your vehicle for many years. Lusso C3 only crystallizes at the nanometric level during application. The coating hardens in a two-layer protection system, whereby the inner layer is a flexible layer, and the outer hard layer forms as a typical protective coating. Thanks to this structure, Lusso C3 provides maximum resistance and flexibility for up to 36 months. The coating is marked at 9H on the pencil hardness scale.

The main advantages of the coating are making the protected surface smooth, increasing the color and shining the varnish. It gently masks imperfections, such as holograms or swirles.

Lusso C3 perfectly protects paintwork, painted plastics, aluminum rims, brake calipers, exhaust tips and headlights against the so-called micro scratches, aggressive chemicals, UV rays, oxidation, acid rain or bird droppings. At the same time, it has excellent hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties.

The ease of application means that even an inexperienced user will be able to easily apply it.

  • We apply the Lusso coating in 1 layer.
  • Time of arrival of the so-called Flashing Time – depends on the environmental conditions in which the application takes place and it ranges from 30 to 45 seconds.
  • The recommended application area is 50×50 cm.
  • Drying time: initial hardening after 12 hours, full after 48 hours
  • Performance: 2 sedans
  • We inspect the coating once a year.

Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic.

UV protection

Protection against weather conditions

High hydrophobicity

High Chemical Resistance

Crystal Gloss

9H hardness