Nanotechniq Revive + SiO2 is a preparation that guarantees greater smoothness of finished surfaces and a more lasting effect than any other QD coating, additionally it contains an addition of SiO2. The product is recommended for stand alone use or as a topper for a ceramic coating.

Revive is a product that was created to offer our end customers a product that can be installed at home and achieve an amazing paint finish.

Revive uses SiO2-based ceramic technology to instantly mask light scratches. After application, there is a chemical process that leaves a super slippery coating, which additionally protects the paint against UV rays, chemicals, weather conditions and road dirt.

The main advantages of the preparation are:
– Ultra hydrophobic properties
– Leaves a super smooth finish
– Long-term results – up to 9 months
– Fast and easy application process
– Protection against: light scratches, acid rain, road pollution such as tar, etc.

How to use:
– Thoroughly clean the surface to which Revive will be applied with N-Prep or a similar preparation,
– “Impregnate” the microfiber by 1-2 spraying the preparation on it
– Spray an even mist on a clean, dry and cool surface. One small panel or a whole section at a time,
– Polish with a clean microfiber towel in circular motions, the recommended weight is 350-450GSM.

Capacity: 4-5 cars

Layer: 1 layer.

Flashing time: immediately after application, rub dry with clean microfiber.

Drying time: initial hardening after 3 hours, full after 24 hours.

Easy Cleaning

Protection against UV radiation

Chemical Resistance

High hydrophobicity

Darkening of the paintwork