The inconvenience of driving in the rain is a topic known to every motorist. Drops falling on the glass significantly reduce visibility, which becomes troublesome and dangerous, especially at night. Help in solving this problem is provided by the invisible doormat from NANOTECHNIQ – Raincoat.

How does the invisible wiper Nanotechniq Raincoat?

Perfectly smooth, hydrophobic layer

The car window is not perfectly smooth. Dirt, small scratches and other imperfections invisible to the naked eye cause that water accumulates in the hollows when it rains and due to irregular walls of scratches, it does not flow away under the pressure of the wind. The invisible wiper by NANOTECHNIQ is a product that, like other products of this brand, uses nanotechnology to create a smooth layer on the surface of the glass, which causes the water to drain away from the glass immediately. The resulting layer is additionally characterized by hydrophobic properties – a charge is generated opposite to that of water molecules, which not only leads to their outflow even easier, but also significantly reduces the adhesion of dirt to the glass surface.

Water drain without the use of wipers

All this means that the invisible wiper at any speed will significantly facilitate the drainage of water through the wipers and increase visibility, and at higher speeds, from about 50 km / h, it will even allow you to stop using the wipers – the drops then flow in a smooth movement without limiting the driver’s visibility.

Invisible wiper – benefits for the driver

The invisible wiper has many advantages. The most important of them is to improve road safety by increasing visibility, which turns out to be particularly useful when traveling at night routes, when it is of the greatest importance. Another advantage is undoubtedly the longer time during which the glass remains free from dirt, which reduces the phenomenon of streaks and spreading dirt. An additional benefit is the protection of the glass against micro-scratches caused by the movement of the wipers. Nanotechniq Raincoat can withstand 80,000 movements of wiper blades. Drivers also appreciate the ability to drive at higher speeds in the rain without having to operate the wipers – water is removed from the windshield faster by the action of the wind than wipers can provide.

It is worth remembering that the invisible wiper should be applied to the entire surface of the glass, without omitting any of its fragments, and before applying the glass, prepare it thoroughly by cleaning and degreasing with Nanotechniq N-PREP. Such a coating of the invisible wiper provides protection up to 24 months or 45,000 km against excessive dirt accumulation and significantly increases the visibility and comfort of travel in rain during the day and at night, often reducing the need to use traditional wipers.