Why choose ceramic coating instead of wax

Every car owner knows that the paintwork is damaged most in winter, when temperatures fluctuate and drop drastically below freezing. Securing the car body in such a case is a small effort, considering the damage it will avoid. There are many solutions available on the market, but the most popular and effective is the ceramic coating. How will it protect the car body and why is it worth investing in?

Choose a ceramic coating instead of wax? Check why it’s worth it.

Pros and cons of wax.

Protecting the paint with wax has one major advantage, it is quick and cheap – unfortunately not necessarily long-lasting or effective. You can choose to use a car wash or purchase and apply the wax yourself. The washing program in the car wash, however, does not prepare the varnish well enough to receive the protective layer and you have to take into account that the effect will be extremely unstable. On the other hand, applying wax on your own requires a bit of effort – you should buy a properly selected preparation, prepare the bodywork for receiving it, and then apply the product – for an inexperienced person it can be a difficult task. Additionally, the best wax – natural – is very hard and it will take a long time to apply.

Ceramic coating – a solution for our times.

Another solution for impregnating the paint and protecting the bodywork is a ceramic coating. It is admittedly a bigger investment, but it pays back relatively quickly. Thanks to the so-called “ceramics”, the varnish remains protected even for many years, protecting the varnish coating against the negative influence of weather conditions. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, the coating penetrates the pores of the paint in a slight way and seals it – between the paint particles and the protective layer, extremely durable bonds are created. The application of the coating is divided into two stages – paint correction, often there is a need to perform a multi-stage correction and application of the preparation. The multi-stage touch-up has the added benefit of allowing you to take full advantage of the beauty of the surface being processed.

What does the car owner gain after choosing ceramics?

  • A durable, glassy protective layer of varnish with a hardness of up to 10H.
  • Resistance to extreme pH reactions (bird droppings, road chemicals, tree sap, acid rain) – thanks to the use of nanotechnology.
  • Protection against UV radiation – varnish oxidation.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.
  • Resistance to the formation of micro-scratches – especially visible on the surface of dark varnishes.