Nanotechniq Raincoat is a highly hydrophobic protective coating for all glass surfaces, which during application fills the micropores in the glass, creating a durable and transparent protective layer. It is perfect for securing windows, mirrors, sunroofs, creating the so-called “Invisible doormat”. The coating is very easy and quick to apply. Thanks to the new formula, it guarantees fantastic durability.

Provides high driving comfort in the rain for a period of approx. 2 years or 45 thousand. km) from the app.

Raincoat is primarily about driving safety in difficult road conditions. The effect of an invisible wiper ensures better visibility, facilitates the removal of water and dirt from the glass surface, protects surfaces against UV rays, acid rain and micro-scratches.

How to use:

  • Clean the surface protected with e.g. N-PREP,
  • work the preparation with microfiber so that the surface is clean and dry.
  • Then, apply the Nanotechniq Raincoat hydrophobic coating by spraying it with the atomizer attached to the kit. For each m2, you should perform about 20-30 atomizer applications.
  • Then, with circular movements with a clean, dry microfiber, rub the preparation on the protected surface,
  • remember to work it out in full and not leave streaks or unworked preparation.

Performance: 3 cars

Layer: 1 layer

Flashing time: immediately after application, rub dry with clean microfiber.

Drying time: initial hardening after 3 hours, full after 24 hours.


Easy Cleaning

High hydrophobicity

Better Visibility

Chemical Resistance